Bridgeport, Nebraska

Tuesday, November 22, 2016



            The Morrill County Board of Commissioners met in an open and public regular meeting at 8:00 A.M., Tuesday, November 22, 2016 in the Commissioners’ room at the Courthouse. Chairperson Erdman announced that the Open Meetings Law was posted on the wall.  The meeting opened with the Pledge of Allegiance. Notice of such meeting having been published in the Bridgeport News-Blade and the Bayard Transcript on November 16, 2016.  Copies of the Agenda, kept continuously current were available from the County Clerk’s office and were e-mailed to each of the Commissioners November 18, 2016.  On roll call Commissioners Steve Erdman, Chairman, Jeff Metz and Susanna Batterman were present. Absent: None. All of the Elected Officials were also present.  Kathleen L. Brandt, County Clerk, recorded the proceedings of the meeting.


            Motion was made by Metz, seconded by Batterman, that the Agenda and the minutes of the November 10, 2016 meeting be approved as e-mailed.  Yeas: Metz, Batterman and Erdman. Nays: None.  Motion carried.


            Correspondence was received and read.


            The Commissioners reviewed the following claims:




American Family Life Insurance, Insurance, $259.81; Ameritas Life Insurance Corp, Retirement, $6,577.52; Peggy Backer, Consulting, $377.94; Clint Bates, Phone, $40.00; Susanna Batterman, Election, $158.67; Bayard Tiger Paws, Fuel, $39.98; Black Hills Energy, Service, $89.64; Lynette Blackstone, Election, $194.86; Kathy Brandt, Meals, Mileage, Supplies & Poll Setup, $239.83; Ismael Cardenas, Phone, $40.00; Cenex Fleet Card, Fuel, $1,415.30; Century Link, Service, $80.76; Mike Cerney, Phone, $40.00;  Colonial Life & Accident Ins Co, Insurance, $667.83;  Consolidated Management Co, Meals, $139.50; Diane Coon, Election, $187.68; Mary C. Coon, Election, $94.95; County Assessors Assoc of NE, Meals, $21.63;  DAS State Accounting, Data Processing Costs, $95.88; Eleanor M. Dean, Election, $132.75; Dept of Rev, State Income Tax, $3,160.20; Terry Draper, Election, $139.14; Faith United Church of Christ, Poll Rental, $60.00; Family Support Registry, Child Support, $211.00; FIA Card Services N.A., Garnishment, $135.15; Becky A. Fields, Election, $142.65; Cheree Fisher, Phone, $40.00; Daniel Flores, Phone, $40.00; Bonnie Franklin, Election, $135.00; Carrie J. Harless, Election, $149.50; Cheryl L. Hodde, Election, $136.98; Patty K. Howard, Election, $163.08; Shirley M. Huck, Election, $225.40; Bret Hutchison, Phone, $40.00; Rosemary Jacoby, Election, $153.64; JC Auto Repair, Repairs, $181.95; John Deere Financial, Supplies, $61.06; David Kleensang, Phone, $40.00; Christine Krentz, Election, $130.50; Joyce E. Levick, Election, $181.20; Patricia A. Lind, Election, $225.40; Mary Mai, Election, $194.70; Lori McCoy, Mileage, $327.24; Taylor Menke, Phone, $40.00; Marita J. Miller, Election, $162.00; Morrill County Community Hospital, Medical-Prisoners & Testing Fees, $516.24;  Morrill County Health Plan, Employee Premiums, $1,783.24; Morrill County Health Plan, Insurance, $29,613.92; Morrill County Highway Dept, Service & Phone, $90.00; Goldie Muzquiz, Election, $130.50; NACO, Registrations, $250.00; NACVSO, Dues, $30.00;  NE Child Support Payment Center, Child Support, $138.47; NE Health & Human Services, Service, $93.00; NE Public Health Environmental Lab, Testing, $210.00;  NE Total Office, Repairs & Supplies, $103.84; Margaret M. Noonan, Election, $165.16; Linda M. O’Bannon, Election, $110.25; Off Broadway Business Products, Supplies, $56.32; Judy Ogard, Election, $142.65; Judy Oltmann, Election, $132.75; Irene Pappas, Election, $130.50; Lynn Peavey Co, Law Enforcement Supplies, $174.50; Performance Auto Spa, Service, $98.00; Brian Peters, Poll Setup, $266.80; Platte Valley Bank, HSA Accts, $1,866.25; Platte Valley Bank, Federal Withholding, Social Security & Medicare, $12,949.62; Azalia E. Pohl, Election, $117.00; Prairie Winds Community Center, Poll Rental, $90.00; Regional Care Inc, Health Insurance, $20,763.09; Dorothy Retchless, Election, $110.25; Cecilia C. Sanchez, Election, $217.65; Clay Sheldon, Snow Removal, $200.00; Sandra L. Shutts, Election, $130.50;  Staples Credit Plan, Supplies, $296.25; Star-Herald, Publishing, $150.80; Lyle Staudenmaier, Phone, $40.00; Felicia Talley, Court Costs, $375.00;  Thompson Reuters-West, Law Library, $359.00; Trail City Supply, Misc, $5.99; Transcript Gate LLC, Publishing & Subscription, $401.48; Univ of NE-Panhandle Research Center, Mileage, $335.05; US Bank, Data Processing Costs, Meals, Phone, Lodging, Registration & Supplies, $2,148.45; Jarolyn R. Woznick, Election, $110.25;  Xerox Corp, Equip Rental, $655.31; General Employees, Salaries, $56,567.19.






American Family Life Insurance, Insurance, $149.10; Ameritas Life Insurance Corp, Retirement, $2,794.41; Duane Buskirk d/b/a Bayard Automotive, Repairs & Supplies, $178.59; Century Link, Service, $72.62; Charter Communications, Service, $84.99; Colonial Life & Accident Ins Co, Insurance, $126.28; Dept of Rev, State Income Tax, $1,294.15; Heigel’s Field Service, Repairs, $2,710.00;  Bryan Hoerler, Phone, $40.00;  KBK Trucking LLC, Gravel, $7,413.02; Morrill County Health Plan, Employee Premium, $919.27; Morrill County Health Plan, Health Insurance, $16,329.63; NE Child Support, Child Support, $300.01; NE Public Power Dist, Service, $41.58; NMC Exchange LLC, Repairs, $2,389.60;  Panhandle Co-op, Repairs & Fuel, $12,737.66; Platte Valley Bank, HSA Accounts, $1,262.50; Platte Valley Bank, Federal Withholding, Social Security & Medicare, $5,310.81;  Regional Care Inc, Health Insurance, $10,992.22;  US Bank, Lodging, Meals, Misc & Fuel, $289.08; Village of Broadwater, Service, $84.08;  Road Employees, Salaries, $24,931.20.




 American Family Life Insurance, Insurance, $104.78; Ameritas Life Insurance, Retirement, $67.50; Dept of Rev, State Income Tax, $14.93; Morrill County Highway Dept, Phone, $30.00; Platte Valley Bank, Federal Withholding, Social Security & Medicare, $122.16; Handyman Employee, Salary, $600.00.




  Century Link, Service, $119.53.




BOK Financial Corp Trust Services, Bond Pmt, $178,077.50.




Loretta McCoy-Co Treas-Depository Trust, Bond Pmt-Sheriff Add, $25,218.75.




Century Link, Service, $196.26.


Motion was made by Batterman, seconded by Metz, that the above claims, after having been examined by the Commissioners, be approved and checks drawn on the various funds, delinquent personal property taxes deducted where owing.  Yeas: Batterman, Metz and Erdman.  Nays: None.  Motion carried.


Board of Equalization


            No Agenda items for Board of Equalization.


            The following 2016 monthly reports were received, reviewed and placed on file: October-I Cardenas, Co Sheriff, J Schildt, Clk of Dist Ct, K Brandt, Co Clk and L McCoy, Co Treas.


            The October minutes of the Morrill/Scotts Bluff County Extension meeting were received, reviewed and placed on file.


            The November minutes of the Veteran’s Service Committee meeting were received, reviewed and placed on file.           


            Robin Stuart, Hospital Administrator, presented the October Financial statements to the board.  She said that their income was up.  She said she is trying to get an Orthopod to be part of the clinic and do surgeries on knees and hips.


            Ismael Cardenas, County Sheriff, met with the Board to inform them that he is applying for grants to get cameras for the two vehicles that do not have them.  He said he is also starting the paperwork for getting the next vehicle.  He said that an Explorer with the State Bid would be $29,000 and the radio equipment would be an additional $7,800 and the decals $600.  


            County Government Day was discussed and it will be held on Tuesday, January 24, 2017.  It will be on a meeting day and lunch will be provided.


            Robert Erdman, Veteran’s Service Officer, introduced Devin Heumesser, who will be replacing Erdman as the Veteran’s Service Officer.  He will start on December 5, 2016.  Erdman’s last day will be the end of December.  Erdman said that Heumesser served with the United States Marine Corps and is an EMT.  Erdman said they are in the process of getting Heumesser accredited and also getting accreditation for Caroline Sanchez.  Motion was made by Metz, seconded by Batterman, to approve the appointment of Devin Heumesser to be the Veteran’s Service Officer. Yeas: Metz, Batterman and Erdman.  Nays: None.  Motion carried. Erdman thanked all of the offices in the County that have helped him with various things.  He was upset over a misunderstanding that circulated regarding closing his office.  He wanted to assure everyone that there was never a possibility that it would close.  Erdman said his Retirement party will be held from 2-4 on December 27, 2016.


            The Board reported on meetings they had attended.  Metz reported on the Fair Board meeting.  Batterman reported on the OHD meeting and Erdman said he attended his last meeting.


            Bryan Hoerler, County Highway Superintendent, and Phil Barnhardt met with the Board regarding vacating an alley in Northport and possibly leasing a portion the county has.  Travis Rodak, County Attorney, said the government property cannot be leased.  The Board advised Hoerler to conduct a Road Study on the portion to vacate and this will be on the agenda of the next meeting to start the process.


            There being no further discussion, Chairperson Erdman adjourned the meeting at 9:19 A.M.  Next meeting will be Tuesday, December 13, 2016.




                                         /s/Steve Erdman                   ,Chairperson




/s/Kathleen L. Brandt                ,County Clerk