Bridgeport, Nebraska

Thursday, January 26, 2017



            The Morrill County Board of Commissioners met in an open and public regular meeting at 8:00 A.M., Thursday, January 26, 2017 in the District Courtroom at the Courthouse. Chairperson Metz announced that the Open Meetings Law was posted on the wall.  The meeting opened with the Pledge of Allegiance. Notice of such meeting having been published in the Bridgeport News-Blade and the Bayard Transcript on January 18, 2017.  Copies of the Agenda, kept continuously current were available from the County Clerk’s office and were e-mailed to each of the Commissioners January 19, 2017.  On roll call Commissioners Jeff Metz, Chairman, Susanna Batterman and Greg Sterkel were present. Absent: None. Some of the Elected Officials were also present.  Kathleen L. Brandt, County Clerk, recorded the proceedings of the meeting.


            Motion was made by Batterman, seconded by Sterkel, that the Agenda, with the deletion of Board of Equalization and the Conservation Easement and the minutes of the January 10, 2017 meeting be approved as e-mailed.  Yeas:  Batterman, Sterkel and Metz. Nays: None.  Motion carried.


            Correspondence was received and read.


            The Commissioners reviewed the following claims:




Dan Abel, Juror Fees, $40.35;  Action Communications Inc, Repairs, $200.33; John A. Albertz, Juror Fees, $35.00;  Joseph R. Alvord, Juror Fees, $51.05; American Family Life Insurance, Insurance, $301.18;  John Amateis, Witness Fees, $34.98; Ameritas Life Insurance Corp, Retirement, $6,618.48; Eric S. Anderson, Juror Fees, $204.20; Mark A. Anderson, Juror Fees, $35.00; Anthony E. Armer, Juror Fees, $53.19; Maria A. Asmus, Juror Fees, $35.00; Monica K. Barnette, Juror Fees, $35.00; Bayard Tiger Paws, Fuel, $29.01; Nancy J. Becker, Juror Fees, $45.70; Black Hills Energy, Service, $1,087.67;  Colleen K. Blue, Juror Fees, $51.05; Shantell Boots, Witness Fees, $20.00; Wilford D. Bowers, Juror Fees, $61.75; Max W. Bradford, Juror Fees, $51.05; Bridgeport News-Blade, Supplies & Publishing, $248.30; Delmar P. Brown, Juror Fees, $35.00; Rustin L. Bryan, Juror Fees, $37.14; Lynette S. Cape, Juror Fees, $51.05;  Cenex Fleet Card, Fuel, $1,389.68; Century Link, Service, $80.76; City of Bridgeport, Service, $2,607.46; Clerk of Dist Court, Court Costs, $173.00; Holly J. Cline, Juror Fees, $37.14; Jacob A. Collins, Juror Fees, $51.05; Colonial Life & Accident Ins Co, Insurance, $448.55; Diane Coon, Juror Fees, $49.98;  Irene Y. Cooper, Jury Exp, $31.12; Cranmore Fire Protection LLC, Service, $24.00; Jill D. Daharsh, Juror Fees, $61.75; Susan M. Daniels, Juror Fees, $51.05; DAS State Accounting, Data Processing Costs, $82.88; Terry J. Deaver, Juror Fees, $35.00; Reginia M. Defoe, Juror Fees, $52.12; William D. Deines, Juror Fees, $140.00;  Dept of Rev, State Income Tax, $3,449.05; David Dermer, Juror Fees, $46.77; Lance E. Dickey, Juror Fees, $56.40; Jennifer Dobrinksi, Juror Fees, $53.19; Docu-Shred LLC, Service, $120.00; Leland L. Dohse, Juror Fees, $35.00; Debra K. Downing, Juror Fees, $36.07; Armando J. Esparza, Juror Fees, $35.00; FIA Card Services N.A., Garnishment, $135.15; Emily Farley, Witness Fees, $545.37; Tanya L. Farrenkopf, Juror Fees, $140.00; Jerry D. Fegler, Juror Fees, $51.05; Kimberly D. Fenning, Juror Fees, $49.98; Lacey L. Finney, Juror Fees, $61.75; Tiffany Flores, Juror Fees, $35.00; Allison A. Freiberger, Juror Fees, $94.92; Neil R. Fries, Juror Fees, $51.05; Galls LLC, Uniforms, $224.10; Vicki R. Giboney-Sparks, Juror Fees, $39.28; Dylan S. Golden, Juror Fees, $35.00; Jammie S. Hadden, Juror Fees, $35.00; Cheryl L. Hamilton, Juror Fees, $35.00; Faye I. Hart-Maddox, Juror Fees, $140.00; Connie S. Hascall, Juror Fees, $51.05; Alan E. Hecht, Juror Fees, $43.56; Holly Heine, Witness Fees, $20.00; Corey L. Henkel, Juror Fees, $199.92; Devin Heumesser, Mileage, $37.80; Kodi R. Hoerler, Juror Fees, $35.00; Sharon M. Hoffman, Juror Fees, $51.05; Danny Hopwood, Witness Fees, $38.19; Gayle M. Hoskovec, Juror Fees, $51.05; Tammy J. Howitt-Covalt, Juror Fees, $51.05; Ronald R. Hubbard, Juror Fees, $208.48; Inman Services, Supplies & Repairs, $75.25; Todd A. Janicek, Juror Fees, $35.00; Cassie C. Kampsnider, Juror Fees, $51.05; Bill A. Kappen, Juror Fees, $45.70; Kimball County Sheriff, Court Costs, $21.50; James Kittelmann, Witness Fees, $20.00; Melany L. Kizzire, Juror Fees, $52.12; Charles A. Koozer, Juror Fees, $49.98; Aaron A. Kreman, Juror Fees, $52.12; Jennifer L. Kriha, Juror Fees, $204.20; Julie A. Lacy, Juror Fees, $242.72; Lora J. Lake, Juror Fees, $66.03; Charles L. Lambert, Juror Fees, $140.00; Pete C. Lapaseotes, Juror Fees, $35.00; Glen L. Lawson, Juror Fees, $36.61; Larry W. Leever, Juror Fees, $56.40; Mark A. Leonard, Juror Fees, $51.05; Mike Linch, Witness Fees, $37.12; Michele L. Litke, Witness Fees, $20.00; Zachariah F. Malcolm, Juror Fees, $35.00; Hilory J. Martin, Juror Fees, $195.64; Jeremy S. Maxcy, Juror Fees, $51.05; Mary M. McConnell, Juror Fees, $140.00; Loretta C. McCoy-Co Treas, Juror Fees for Delinquent Taxes, $492.31; Dean A. McLaughlin, Juror Fees, $62.82; Jeff Metz, Juror Fees, $51.05; Microfilm Imaging Systems, Equip Rental, $75.00; Jana F. Minar, Juror Fees, $38.21; MIPS Inc, Data Processing Costs, $150.00; MOCIC, Dues, $100.00; Morrill County Community Hospital, Board of Prisoners, Medical-Prisoners & Appreciation Dinner, $5,756.02;  Morrill County Health Plan, Employee Premiums, $1,974.03; Morrill County Health Plan, Insurance, $30,116.47; Morrill County Highway Dept, Service & Phone, $85.00; Brian Moss, Data Processing Costs & Juror Fees, $1,535.00; Robert Muzquiz, Juror Fees, $35.00; NE Assoc of Co Clk, Reg Deeds, Elect, Dues, $75.00; NE Child Support Payment Center, Child Support, $138.47; NE Health & Human Services, Service, $93.00; NE Total Office, Repairs, $37.50; Jason J. Neiger, Juror Fees, $51.05; Steven L. Nerud, Juror Fees, $52.12; Ashley D. Newhoff, Juror Fees, $51.05; Robert D. Nichols, Jr., Juror Fees, $42.49; Chelsea M. Nuss, Juror Fees, $58.54; Off Broadway, Supplies, $84.95; John L. Oliverius, Juror Fees, $48.38; Platte Valley Bank, HSA Accts, $1,596.25 Platte Valley Bank, Federal Withholding, Social Security & Medicare, $12,845.30; Steven E. Plummer, Juror Fees, $35.00; Kathleen J. Ragland, Juror Fees, $204.20;  Regional Care Inc, Health Insurance, $22,515.90; Renkoski Property Development LLC, Contractual Weed Control, $41,250.00; Jim Ridgeway, Witness Fees, $38.19; Kaylee R. Ridgeway, Juror Fees, $51.05; Beckie L. Rodgers, Juror Fees, $37.14; Rodney A. Russell, Juror Fees, $49.98; Tamika A. Scarrow, Juror Fees, $35.00; Cindy J. Schanhols, Juror Fees, $53.19; Anne M. Schmall, Juror Fees, $51.05; Dallas Schnell, Witness Fees, $20.00; Cortney D. Schuller, Juror Fees, $51.05; Kody W. Schwager, Juror Fees, $43.56;  Clay Sheldon, Snow Removal, $100.00; Sidney Sun-Telegraph Inc, Publishing, $180.00; Lonnie J. Simmonds, Juror Fees, $35.00; Diana E. Sparks, Reimb, $30.31; Staples Credit Plan, Supplies, $1,534.30; Donna M. Stuart, Juror Fees, $51.05; Russell W. Stuart, Juror Fees, $40.35; Terri A. Stuart, Juror Fees, $56.40; Samantha Swires, Witness Fees, $20.00; Cheryl A. Talamantez, Juror Fees, $77.80;  Felicia Talley, Witness Fees, $150.00;  Stephen R. Taylor, Juror Fees, $61.75; Kathy S. Terrell, Juror Fees, $49.98; Thompson Reuters-West, Law Library, $122.50; Trail City Supply, Supplies & Repairs, $138.12; Transcript Gate LLC, Publishing, $37.40; Univ of NE-Panhandle Research Center, Mileage, $208.94; US Bank, Data Processing Costs, Meals, Phone, Lodging, Autopsy, Fuel & Supplies, $3,212.01; USDA APHIS, Contractual Pest Control, $1,756.54; Carolyn L. VanPatten, Juror Fees, $37.14; Hagen W. Vaughn, Juror Fees, $51.05; Luis Mier Velazquez, Juror Fees, $51.05; Verizon Wireless, Service, $64.38; Denise L. Walker, Juror Fees, $55.33; Chelsie A. Wallace, Juror Fees, $35.00; Cheryl L. Watson, Juror Fees, $140.00; Matthew A. West, Juror Fees, $51.05; Wendy L. Wickard, Juror Fees, $35.00; Thomas J. Wiens, Juror Fees, $56.40; Robin L. Woods, Juror Fees, $49.98; Xerox Corp, Equip Rental, $682.69; Maria A. Ybarra, Juror Fees, $51.05; Carol J. Zabinski, Juror Fees, $51.05; Meredith J. Zwirn, Juror Fees, $40.35; General Employees, Salaries, $55,996.18.




Accelerated Receivables Solutions, Garnishment, $252.07; American Family Life Insurance, Insurance, $135.84; Ameritas Life Insurance Corp, Retirement, $2,874.33; Duane Buskirk d/b/a Bayard Automotive, Repairs & Supplies, $341.84; Century Link, Service, $70.98; Charter Communications, Service, $84.99; Colonial Life & Accident Ins Co, Insurance, $144.44; Cranmore Fire Protection LLC, Service, $604.00; Deluxe Radiator, Repairs, $475.00; Dept of Rev, State Income Tax, $1,341.14; Bryan Hoerler, Phone, $40.00;  Ideal Linen Supply, Supplies, $91.16; KBK Trucking LLC, Gravel, $20,634.00; Koke’s Auto Farm Truck, Repairs & Supplies, $627.68; Morrill County Health Plan, Employee Premium, $916.74; Morrill County Health Plan, Health Insurance, $15,321.11; NE Child Support, Child Support, $300.01; NE Public Power Dist, Service, $58.82; NMC Exchange LLC, Repairs, $424.29; Panhandle Co-op, Fuel & Repairs, $9,195.86; Platte Valley Bank, HSA Accounts, $815.41; Platte Valley Bank, Federal Withholding, Social Security & Medicare, $5,623.21;  Reganis Auto Center, Inc, Repairs, $286.13; Regional Care Inc, Health Insurance, $10,065.91;  Village of Broadwater, Service, $84.58;  Road Employees, Salaries, $25,641.54.




 American Family Life Insurance, Insurance, $104.78; Ameritas Life Insurance, Retirement, $67.50; Dept of Rev, State Income Tax, $14.93; Morrill County Highway Dept, Phone, $25.00; Platte Valley Bank, Federal Withholding, Social Security & Medicare, $122.61; Handyman Employee, Salary, $600.00.




  Century Link, Service, $119.28.




Century Link, Service, $202.93.


Motion was made by Sterkel, seconded by Batterman, that the above claims, after having been examined by the Commissioners, be approved and checks drawn on the various funds, delinquent personal property taxes deducted where owing.  Yeas: Sterkel, Batterman and Metz.  Nays: None.  Motion carried.


Chairperson Metz welcomed the County Government Day Seniors from Bayard and Bridgeport High Schools and introduced the officials.


Board of Equalization


            No Agenda items for Board of Equalization.


            The following 2016 monthly reports were received, reviewed and placed on file: December-I Cardenas, Co Sheriff, J Schildt, Clk of Dist Ct, K Brandt, Co Clk and L McCoy, Co Treas.


            The December minutes of the Morrill/Scotts Bluff County Extension meeting were received, reviewed and placed on file.


            Robin Stuart, Hospital Administrator, was not present, but had delivered her December Financials for the Board’s inspection.


            Loretta McCoy, County Treasurer, presented her Semi-Annual Report.  Motion was made by Batterman, seconded by Sterkel, to approve the above report.  Yeas: Batterman, Sterkel and Metz.  Nays: None.  Motion carried.           


            The Board explained to the students what other meetings they attend.  Batterman reported on the Panhandle Public Health Board meeting.  Sterkel reported on the Orientation for new Board Members he had attended.


            Chairperson Metz explained what the duties of the County Commissioners are. 


            The Board adjourned to attend the County Government Day Activities and luncheon.


            There being no further discussion, Chairperson Metz adjourned the meeting at 1:25 P.M.  Next meeting will be Tuesday, February 14, 2017.




                                         /s/Jeff Metz                         ,Chairperson




/s/Kathleen L. Brandt                ,County Clerk